5 September 2015

Truth Behind Lie Detector

On 9/05/2015

Lie detectors

Most of us practice deception on some level in our daily live. Sometimes, you can tell when someone's lying, but other times it may not be so easy. we humans are no better than chance at detecting deception. Because  there is no single behaviour indicative of deception. what if you have a machine that can make this job easy. “polygraph “or a lie detector they monitor a person's physiological reactions. They do not detect lies rather they can  only detect whether deceptive behaviour is being displayed.

How do they work?

When someone tells a lie, they occur certain physiological changes in his body. Instances, Heart begins to beat faster leading to rapid perspiration, blood pressure and breathing pattern changes . polygraph is designed to record all these changes. So basically when a person undergoes lie detector test, various parts of the machine are attached to his body by  wires .And as a person is questioned about an event, the examiner looks for physiological changes in comparison to normal level. Fluctuations may indicate deception.

However, the polygraph is not wholly dependable. Its accuracy is estimated to be about 73%.Lot depends on the examiner. Some people who are truly unaware of the fact they are lying, cannot be caught .Moreover, people are capable enough to  control their emotions and render the machine ineffectiveness .Because of these reasons the result of a lie detector test cannot be accepted as an evidence.

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9 August 2015

Apple new generation iphones- What to expect?

On 8/09/2015
                 Hold on to your nerves till September  9(likely) if you are planning for an   iPhone purchase. Apple is soon likely to announce the launch of its new generation iPhones. If rumors are to be believed the company is planning to hold a big event early in September to take the wraps of its next iPhone, According to sources the event will happen on September 9th as all their iPhones have been introduced in the time frame ever  since 2011.

Iphone 6s/6sPlus or Iphone 7
   It is expected that Apple will stick to its naming scheme calling the new versions iPhone 6 or 6plus, but it might also call it “I Phone 7” due to its significant internal improvements rather than an updated external look

Expected Features    

  • The new iphones won't be a fat phone, We can  expect roughly the same dimensions as that of the current ones. It looks certain that it can probably a 4.7 inch phone. It's expected that Apple will continue its trend, offering the new  iPhone in two separate sizes
  •  It would feature a dual lens setup that will help the iphone capture more lights with optical zoom camera capability in place of digital lens. The dual lens will be equipped to capture DSLR images
  • Force touch technology similar to that of apple watches to distinguish between light tap and deep press.
  • Higher screen resolution is also a possibility
  •  The rumoured features also includes A9 processor and 2GB RAM
  • Apple is also planning to upgrade the minimum storage capacity option to 32gb

          In addition to the iphones , Apple is also expected to unveil the next generation apple tv alongside an Internet-delivered television service. The Apple TV will be featuring an updated A8 processor, a full App Store, a touch-based remote control. With new releases apple is trying to regain its position in the market



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